Since 1994, eFUEL has been providing fueling solutions designed to cut costs and boost efficiency when it comes to fleet fueling, fuel maintenance for generators, and diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) management. eFUEL has become the premier mobile fueling company serving thousands of customers throughout California including many Fortune 100 companies. Once our customers start our service it is hard to displace the convenience it provides. We make diesel fueling easier and in the process, you save time, reduce cost and eliminate the risk associated with conventional fueling methods.

Conventional fueling methods require you to send your drivers to a local fueling station or manage your own local storage. We make it easy by delivering directly to your vehicle’s tank. Your drivers never have to bother with fueling. Imagine never running out of fuel again. We can also take over management of your existing yard tanks giving you both options while reducing your inventory and tank management risk. Because of our high volume we buy very competitively and can both lower your fuel cost and save you time.

We understand the whole reason for your fleet and equipment is to make money. Eliminating the time and cost of fueling will increase productivity. Let us make diesel and DEF fueling easy for you.