Diesel fuel delivery made easy. Save time. Save money. Eliminate risk. eFUEL offers a simple solution for more cost efficient fleet fueling. Whether your fleet is big or small, this might be a better option for your fueling needs. The eFUEL On-Site Fueling Program brings the fuel to your location, allowing your trucks to be ready to go from the moment your drivers arrive to work.

There are two conventional choices when it comes to fueling options: invest in the ever-growing costs of maintaining an on-site fuel storage facility or pay the high cost at retail and cardlock stations. Both options result in unnecessary expenses and lost productivity.

The dedicated team at eFUEL now offers you a third option.

Save Time

With 24/7 On-Site Fleet Fueling Services, our team comes to you at the time it is most convenient for you, night or day – when your drivers are not on the clock. Your fleet is ready the moment your team arrives. Time spent fueling is now replaced by time generating revenue for you. The only purpose for your fleet of trucks is to make money for the company. If a truck has fewer available work hours, it’s losing potential profit for the company.

We offer free online fuel management reporting in both downloadable Excel and PDF formats. Our state-of-the-art, comprehensive fuel management system eliminates costly paperwork, accounting errors, and the hassles associated with lost cards and theft.

Looking for alternative environmentally friendly fuels? Along with regular diesel from suppliers like Chevron and Shell we also offer Bio Diesel and Renewable Diesel.

Save Money

Our purchasing power saves money in the cost of fuel and reduces your labor cost of fueling. Your drivers are being paid whether they are on the road or at the pump. Each minute they spend refueling adds to the fuel’s cost per gallon. Add the pressure of driver hours of service (HOS) regulations and driver shortages that are stretching across the country, and you realize that every minute counts.

If you currently have yard tanks, you also have the cost of maintenance, inventory costs and environmental regulations that add to your cost per gallon. We can offer you the option to eliminate the tank or we can manage the tank for you. We manage the inventory and all the tank maintenance costs. You just pay for the fuel you use. We offer this service with or without our on site mobile fueling service.

Eliminate Risk

With our service the risk of an accident or spill in the process of fueling is eliminated. Reduced driving time will reduce the chance of accidents and lower your insurance costs. You also can eliminate the risk and hassle of driver fueling cards.

For those of you with on site tanks we can eliminate environmental risk and inventory shortage risk. We also eliminate the cost of repairs, maintenance, and compliance with ever-changing environmental regulations.

Let your labor force concentrate on your customers’ needs and your company profits, instead of the logistics of refueling. Let us make sure your equipment is ready to roll the moment your employees report to work – saving you time and money!



Are you overpaying for fuel? Add this to the price of diesel and find out.
Added Labor Costs Associated With Refueling
Yard Station Fueling Retail Fueling
Time at the Pump 15 Minutes 30 Minutes
Driver Salary (with Benefits) $35/hour $35/hour
Average Gallons Filled 15 Gallons 15 Gallons
Lost Labor Cost – per gallon $0.58 $1.16
LOST Revenue/Productivity Associated with Refueling
Yard Station Fueling Retail Fueling
Target Revenue - per hour, per truck 15 Minutes 30 Minutes
Target Revenue – per hour $100 $100
Average Gallons Filled 15 Gallons 15 Gallons
Lost Revenue Per Gallon $1.66 $3.33