For over 20 years, great companies, big and small, choose eFUEL:

Coast Oil Company, Commercial Fueling

“Coast Oil would like to express our most sincere thanks to the eFUEL team for their efforts. Their dedication to quality and excellence are what makes eFUEL our only choice when a difficult job calls for something extraordinary.”

San Miguel Garbage Co. Inc., Waste Management

“Our company prides itself on performance and service to each and every one of our customers. We also try to associate our business with other businesses that do the same. eFUEL has been a key instrument in our company. eFUEL has reduced our liability exposure, provides an efficient and cost effective service that we can rely on. Whether it is the local operations manager checking in to make sure our fuel delivery is on time and complete, or the fuel salesman reassuring us that our company is getting the best price point available. eFUEL has met all expectations of a fuel delivery service that any business could hope for.”

Central Coast Distributing, Beverage Distributing

“eFUEL has delivered on every aspect of their program. We Thank You!”

Taylor Farms, Produce Distribution

“We focus on delivering the highest standards of quality and excellence, and we demand the same of our vendors. eFUEL continuously exceeds our expectations by providing high-quality on-site service to our facilities, as well as excellent follow-up and customer service. Their flexibility and responsiveness to our changing needs and fleet configurations are what set eFUEL heads above the others in their industry.”

Garden City Sanitation, Inc., Waste Management

“I think we have hit a home run with 157,000 stops per week right out of the gate. You make it easier for me to worry about something other than fuel, and service has been outstanding! Thank your drivers for us and let’s keep growing our businesses.”

CALPLY, Construction Supply

“With the eFUEL fleet fueling program we’ve eliminated the downtime our drivers used to spend at the pumps and away from more important tasks. Now we’re able to focus our time on the more critical job of getting our products to our customers. eFUEL gets it done and that’s one less thing to worry about!”

Brinks, Armored Transport

“Convenience, time-savings and cost effectiveness are some of the reasons why we use eFUEL for all of our fueling needs. The service is very streamlined, and we have not experienced any problems. Using eFUEL enabled us to save over 50 hours of labor every week compared to getting our own fuel at the pump.”

O’Sullivan Vending Svc., Vending Machine & Product Supply

“eFUEL has helped us reduce our labor costs by 30% – 40%, and does this without missing a beat! Our fleet used to spend that time off route at the fuel station, but now we’ve been able to refocus that time and money back into our core business, and the practices that have made us successful; spending every minute of the day growing our business and serving our customers.”

Davey Tree, Commercial Tree Care Specialists

“We are committed to delivering our best and providing more to our customers each day. eFUEL helps us achieve this by delivering a program that has boosted our efficiency, while reducing the time and associated costs of fueling, which had negatively impacted our business. Now, our crews can focus more time on the tasks that generate revenue; fulfilling our customers’ needs, which keeps our company thriving!”